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Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


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Connect Anything to your Computer and Control it

Computer to real world interfacing. It's not just for engineers, corporations, and rich people anymore. It's a necessisty for the inventor and a useful novelty for the wealthy tech savy people.

Wouldn't it be great for you to control the lights (or any other device for that matter) in your home, from your computer?

If it can be controlled from the computer, it can be controlled from the internet, or cellphone anywhere in the world. Sanghi IT Labs has designed highly interoperable systems that provide seemless connectivity from normal everyday household items such as a coffee maker, or water pump, to the internet through a (any protocol from instant messaging, sms, http, ftp, etc) website or with any cellphone company or internet hosting provider. Using very basic off the shelf components, and any IBM compatible computer. In other words: connect anything electronic to a computer and control it anywhere in the world and do it with any internet capable device (cellphone). Even get remote feedback and control from NON internet capable cellphones!

This page is an overview of a service that I am offering to people in the Mississippi Gulfcoast Region. It's a service that many people pay thousands in travel fees, expenses, and the time in between. This is a way to save all the travel fees, associated expenses, and idle time which is many times several times the cost of implenting the technology. The actual components needed to connect your computer to upto 8 devices real world, asside from the computer (sometimes even including the computer) are almost always less than $100. The programming of the device and further integration and interoperability is where the cost goes up rapidly. Corporations have paid millions and millions for this kind of automation, and connectivity.

Technology that has long since been available to everyone in the form of a home computer but isolated to technical savy people, techies, electronics engineers, and rich people, and corporations. I Neel K. Sanghi am offering complete solutions starting at less than $2000 cash to Mississippi residents. That's less than the price that many people paid for their new laptop computer. Call 228-234-6335 to schedule a 2 hour consultation in my Gulfport offices for $400.

Paired Devices/Connection brief description and benefits anylsis

Computer to Cellphone, and vice versa bidirectional communication, can be internet from either on either, remote access, and telemetry

Computer to coffee machine(s) filteration/purification system, coffee; this would obviously be in a food/meal automation tasks; array of 8 coffee machines for the freshest coffee cups ever, and on demand, great for guests and at home, can be controlled via internet.

Computer to crock pot(s) food/meal automation to create roast or whatever, automated buffet, timed red beans and rice, automated heating and temperature maintainence of side dishes, can be duty cycled for heat control

Computer to waterpump irrigation/horticulture/agriculture/bototanical experimentation; can be immersed in a solution of phosphorous, potassium, or nitrogen and pumped onto plants or grass in desired proportion. This can be done at regular intervals automatically by the computer, or activated via cellphone or internet. Great for people who are on vacation and need their plants taken care of.


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