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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to my website.

Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


-- Neel K. Sanghi

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Neel Sanghi's Book, Film and Lifestyle Suggestions

Here you will find a list of suggestions to improve yourself and your life. I have great taste in books, software, films and women.

The following is a partial compilation of some of my suggestions:

Neel Sanghi's Book Suggestions

My top book suggestion of all time is Drawing On the Rightside of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards

This book is not simply about drawing instruction. Through this book one will discover how it is possible to access a completely different portion of your brain. Then one may adapt this technology to unlock other regions of the brain.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Note on Technical Books: As with all books, the content must be evaulated, compared, and be congruent with your existing knowledge. When suggesting technical books (especially highly technical) one must understand that there are lots of typos in these books, including the sourcecode (esp. hypothetical example sourcecode) largely due to the availability of qualified people to proofread the material. In general, though one may catch those mistakes. In complex technical subjects some books are great to build a foundation provided you can spot technical mistakes in a subject you are still learning about.

One of these such books is:
Interfacing Assembly Language in Turbo Pascal by Sanjay Nanth

This is a great book to build your mind paradigm of the x86 engine. I found it at the local flea market in Pass Christian, Mississippi pre 2000. After a short (minute or so) evaluation of the book I relized it hardly has anything to do with Pascal or Turbo Pascal. The books is mostly about x86 machine code. Even Sanjay recognizes that the book should have been titled differently like x86 Machine code.

This book helps to provide a fundamental understanding of how a computer works.
Other great technical books to help with this: The IBM PC by Peter Norton

Neel Sanghi's Software Suggestions

I have compiled a list of software suggestions. Most of these suggestions are open source and readily downloadable and are found under the downloads folder with the Neel Explorer (the folder list to the left of this page).

Open Source software is software that is typically free to use, modify, and in many cases free to redistribute. The software I have suggested are ones I use or have used and the ones under the downloads folder are for general desktop and office use.

  • GAIM Internet Messenger - a multi-protocol instant messaging client
  • Audacity - audio and wave editing tools
  • VideoLAN - VLC - DVD/media player & video streaming client/server
  • Open Office 2.0 - complete office suite
  • UbuntuLinux - Debian based linux operating system
  • Mozilla FireFox - web browser
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - email management client
  • 7-Zip - compression/de-compression utility supports *.zip and *.tar.gz
  • GIMP - full featured image editor

  • Neel Sanghi Non-Fiction Film Review

    Cosmos produced by Carl Sagan

    Cosmos is 13 episodes approximately 1 hour each. The collection thorougly explains in laymans terms the origins of our existance, and how we as a species have arrived at this understanding through providing a reasonable and plausible overview of the history of knowledge management.

    Carl Sagan's Cosmo's on DVD
    A picture of the new package for the late Carl Sagan's Cosmos on DVD (above)

    This video is a masterpiece and should be required viewing for all of mankind.

    Another great video series is Alby Mangel's World Safari, Volume's 1, 2, and 3.

    The first volume of these videos is especially interesting. It is reality programming at its best. There are no 5 star hotels in this film. Zwier Alby Mangels was a brick layer from Australia who was given a video camera for a gift. Shortly after receiving the gift he walked off his job with only $400 to travel around the world. He documented his travels and didn't return to his home in Australia for over 6 years.

    Sailing on a ship from island to island, and going to far away foreign places like Japan, Thialand, India, Africa, Tonga, and Palmyra (just to name a few). Of the many places he went the locals were living in huts and many times have never even seen a car, or foreigners. When the locals dined on lizard, so did Alby. Despite the car and ship breaking down several times, and having faced guerrilla warfare, landmines, lions, crocodiles, drought, and other obstacles he continued on his journey letting nothing stop him.

    Alby shows through this video documentary that travelling the world is possible no matter how broke you are, and that it is even possible to cross the Sahara Desert in the middle of summer and survive.

    Computer Tips

    Here are some miscallenous tips on computer use and management of information technology. When I am near a FTP client when I think about them, I will be adding them here for now...

    File System Tip: Typically, when given a choice of file system formats to select format using FAT instead of NTFS. This way reading and writing is possible using a larger variety of operating systems for both read and write operations, as opposed to only one fully supported OS for the read and write capabilities of NTFS. This is extremely important to maintain a high data recovery potential.

    When given a choice of FAT, EXT3, NTFS one must consider file size, number of files to be stored, transaction frequency, data integrity, security, application, etc. As with anything all parameters must be evaluated before making a desicion, but for general desktop use FAT32 is sufficient.

    Building Websites/Webpages: When learning to build websites start by learning HTML. This allows for the greatest potential application of technologies such as PHP, SSI, etc. HTML is simple. Its the markup language of the internet and is a universal way to store and retreive formating information across all platforms.

    The alternative is using a WYSWYG editor. This is a propriety program dependant on additional programs and software such as a specific operating system to be functional. These software programs are designed to output HTML and usually do not output pure or effecient HTML, or output more than what's necessary. This means filesize is not at its emperical minimum and will unnecessarily tax a server's bandwidth. In a high transaction application, this could translate into a financial expense of larger bills for increased transfer allowance.. Also, many times WYSWYG editors are vendor specific and thus promote vendor specific technologies which is a vendor specific interest as opposed to the best interest of the species which is a world in which information can be transferred through a universal medium.

    Places to Go

    Coral Castle

    Coral Castle is a giant rock structure built by 1 man between 1920 and 1940. It's located 10 miles N. of Homestead, Florida. There is a special phenamon of the earth's magnetic force lines at this location, and elements of mystery surround the construction of this bizarre facility. The difficulty of its construction hinges on the scale of the Pyramids in Egypt, or StoneHenge. This was a longtime fascination of mine. I finally went in the late spring/early summer of 2006AD.

    The Monolithic Dome Institute, Italy, Texas

    Pioneers in state of the art advancements in thinshelled concrete dome construction. They have a visitors center, business office, and research and development facilities. They have dome building workshops. Domes are the building of the future. Profound place and friendly people. This place is having a profound impact on the future of mankind.

    Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon must be grand. I have not yet made it here. If you wanna convoy it on Neel Sanghi's Mobile Tour.

    Places where things move uphill

    Fact or fallacy? Optical Illusion? i have heard of several such places. 1 in Florida, Poland and this one in Lebanon with a video:

    Search engine repaired.

    Making some changes, evolve with me.

    Sanghi IT Labs.

    Free Open Source DVD playing software added to the Downloads section.

    Sanghi IT Labs unveils the all new

    Neel Sanghi was born at 2:52AM EST in Roanoke, Va, USA

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