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Virginia Tech Shootings

This shooting was a tragedy.

Neel Sanghi's fifteen minutes of infeed on the Virginia Tech Shootings on April 16, 2007. This is basically part of a general thought outline for my evaluation of why the Virginia Tech Shootings (and others) may have occured.

Why are guns such a central theme in movies and games/simulators?

Guns in Movies

I don't necessarily think that it was a single movie or video game that influenced this tragedy, but there is no doubt that the vast amount of video shooting related simulators are culprit. Where else would people get training to do this? Also, its the central theme for almost every movie, and most fictional movie covers have a gun on the cover. Why is such a primitive weapon the most influential part of entertainment?

Guns in video games/simulators

It's important to understand that video games that involve guns are simulators. Simulators are used in training for a variety of tasks including flight training, siesmic distasters, stock market training, driving, sports, etc. etc. the list of possibilities are endless.

Why are guns or projectile weapons a central theme for homebased simulators? Wouldn't disaster training simulators be more useful and just as fun, if not more fun and challeging than shooting people or aliens to 'save the world/mothership/whatever'. Why are first person shooters more popular than flight simulators, and car simulators by far?

One may argue that first person shooter video games (simulators) are an outlet for a suppressed inclination to do these things in real life. However if the people wanted to do this in real life which some have (most recently Virginia Tech 4-16-07), Columbine, etc. etc. Why is the gun the weapon of choice? Why did these people not use silencers? Guns are loud? So why do these mass shootings use a weapon that draws so much attention to the shooter? What is so fascinating about portable high projectile weapons (guns)? None of these people seem to have used a CO2 laser, or even magnetic propulsion.... These shootings are just lame... its senseless, introverted, and all of that.. which brings me to a great book suggestion: How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Non Lethal Weapeons in Virginia Tech shootings?

Why don't these people use non lethal weapons? Why aren't non lethal weapons more accessible to the public? What about NLW (nonlethal weapons) Why don't these ever occur with those? It would be a simular experience for the attacker. Probably because there would be consequence.

Also, how comes this is happening in America? America of all places? Why here? How comes you don't hear about this happening in other countries? Which reminds me of a related movie suggestion: Lord of War with Nicholas Cage. This movie is a plausible theory on how the mass distribution of weapons might be occuring. I imagine in countries with little regulation people would quite easily make the weapons, provided the basic resources are there, pipe, and etc.


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