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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to my website.

Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


-- Neel K. Sanghi

Need a website for your business or non-profit organization? I can set your website up for you from start to finish -- everything included. You simply email me the information about your organization. I, Neel K. Sanghi, will personally design, and host your site for $39.95/month. No setup costs, and you can cancel at anytime!

For $39.95/month you will receive the following. Just click on the "Subscribe" button below to get started.
  • 1-6 Page Professionally Built Website
  • Optional Free Domain Name
  • Optional Customer Feedback Form
  • Powerful web hosting
  • Satisfaction Garaunteed

Note: You must have or establish a PayPal account to enroll. No exceptions.

Fractional Reserve Banking with Neel K. Sanghi

Fact: The Federal Reserve of the United States Government is actually privately owned.
Give me your cash, but still have it to spend it whenever you want it. How this works is many people give me their money. I invest it to make it grow. The principal is never lost. When someone asks for their money back they can receive their money in full. What's the catch? If everyone requests their money back at the same time then the system collapses. The probability that this would happen is low. This is how every bank in the country operates. This method requires that you trust me to make your money grow as fast as possible, and not make any desicions that would cause the reserve to decrease.

How does it work? Fractional Reserve Banking with Neel Sanghi works like this. You give me your cash. I will then issue (write) you a bunch of checks equalling the amount of money you gave me. You can redeem these checks as you would normally spend checks.

For example: You deposit $5000 cash with me, and receive 120 checks totalling $5000 cash:

  • 40 checks for $100 each = $4000
  • 40 checks for $20 each = $800
  • 40 checks for $5 each = $200
You take these checks and turn them into cash at your bank, or with me when you need cash money to buy things.

Simply Put

Give me your cash, and I will write you a valid check. I will be personally liable for your deposit with me.

Mini FAQ

But my bank offers these services already, why bank with you, Neel Sanghi? Your bank does offer these services for you to store your money there. The (a member of the Federal Reserve bank) bank is legally allowed to loan out $9 for every $1 that's in the bank. But how can this be? That would mean the bank doesn't really have everyone's money that they claim they have. This is true, and has been since money has stopped being backed by gold deposits (technically even before then -- watch the videos). Anyway, if everyone tries to withdraw their money at the same time the bank would have to close, or would actually deny your money. This has happened in the 1930's and it's called a run on the banks. Who is personally liable for your money? The answer is no one. No one accept the FDIC (which is an insurance company), and that is only up to $100K per depositor, and probably doesn't cover a run on the banks.

What's my incentive to do this besides a personal garauntee (indemnification/accountability) of my Federal Reserve Notes (cash)? Geez, the bank will pay me interest on my money, right? Yes, the bank does pay interest. However the interest they pay is a very small amount. The incentive that I will offer is high yeild.

Why will offer instead of offer? The reserves need to be built up and be monitored/analyzed for average min/max balance amount per depositor, min/max reserve amount, constantly until definite trends emerge. The trends will be anaylized and correlated with high yeild opportunities with no risk to the depositors, but the high return will be shared.

The banks return on your depost is immediatly $9 for every dollar you put in, and $90 to the banking system. Banks already work just like this but on the margin of $9 loan dollars to $1 real dollar deposited in the bank. The closed system of the banking world means that this $1 actually turns into $90 after repeated deposits. In other words: the banking systems turn your $1 into $90, and you get about 3 cents if your lucky. That's only $87.97 more than you made off your own dollar with your conventional bank.

My experiment in banking will give you much better interest than 3% verses the banks 9000% from your dollar. You have nothing to lose if the system doesn't work (it already works like this). You can cash your checks at anytime, and be out of the system. It's a felony to write a bad check, so you can be garaunteed that my check is a good as cash, and can be redeemed at any bank, or with me.

I can tell you that after the trend shows a robust fractional reserve. I, Neel K. Sanghi, will personally make the decisions on how to generate maximum returns on your deposits. Like 9%. Wait a second! this sounds like a Certificate of Deposit where I deposit money for a fixed period and get my money out but not until the term is up, and have earned a little interest on it.

How can I 24 hour bank with you? You can bank with me 24 hours and actually redeem a much higher cash amount than available from an ATM. Typically there $400 - $500 per day maximum limit of redemtion from an ATM machine. You have 24 hour access to your money via the checks, which can be redeemed at a/your bank, casino, resteraunt, store, etc. It spends just like cash currency. Best yet, you can get them in any demonation you want.


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