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  Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Mini OS

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DOS, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, and Linux Shell Commands

This is basically a translator between DOS and Linux/FTP commands. After starting this I realized that there is a ridiculous amount of details I would have to include to for these commands to work in every instance. However, if you are clever you can manage with the most basic functions of these commands. You can always "?" "-?" "/?" all of these commands at the command line, or in Linux "man" the command. I will continue to update this page periodically. 4-23-07.

DOS, and Linux have command line interfaces. We know these as "DOS" or "command prompt" in the Microsoft culture and the Linux/Posix/open source culture calls it shell, bash, command line, terminal. Mastery of the command line is emperitive for conducting file operations. One can process a virtually infinite number of files in one command that may have taken a matter of seconds, or fractions of a second. Where as a GUI interface is slow and is only practical for 1 to maybe 3 file operations (only because of extra long filenames, and super deep directory structures which is extra typing.. more on this later) before its not effecient use of time.

So what's the difference? File systems... different OS's use different file systems. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. For example capacity, the number of files that it can store, the number of files it can store in one directory, length of filenames, case sensitiveness, etc, etc. These are all properties that may vary from filesystem to filesystem.

Task DOS Linux
List Files dir ls
Create File copy con filename  
change directory cd directory path cd directory path
Make directory md directory path mkdir directory path
remove directory rd directory path rmdir directory path



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