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Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


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Sanghi IT Lab's Mini Operating System for web centric computers and computing

This is the mini folders and programs that you see to the left. This includes the print spooler. This allows one to free oneself from attachment to any physical tangible item. This means less stuff to babysit. Less stuff to babysit means more freedom.

Why have your data dependant on 1 (or 10 even) personal computer(s), and be dependant on 1 (or 3) printers? Through the mini OS, any computer with internet connectivity becomes a workstation, a print server, or any other extension of the mini OS. We are talking TCP/IP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SMS and HTTP here people, protocols found on virtually every modern computer ever made and every handheld device.

This brings everything full circle. Centricity and freedom, access and manage your data, interests, knowledge, contacts, hardware, (etc. etc.) in what has become the single most effective way to synergize with people, the internet.

This page is an overview of Sanghi IT Labs Mini OS, what it is, how to use it, and the great benefits and disadvantages of it.

What's the advantage? Your own personal isolated, cheap, affordable and literally everywhere (everywhere there is an internet connection) computer, and access to your own data.

Disadvantages... the main disadvantages are obvious, and one only has access to their data if they have access to the net. This is circumvented with the backup feature in which a single compressed and universally restorable downloadable file can be downloaded.

Hardware control via mini OS is a matter of implementing a stateless method via FTP tunnelling.


Live Folders

This is real-time generated list of an actual folder on the server. One can easily drag and drop files from the desktop into the remote folder. This will automatically generate a link in the most grammatically correct human informative way possible. This feature is light weight and could support 100's of folders even in a medium to high transaction environment.

Print Spooler

The print spooler or print que is a relative new feature still in its prototyping stage. This is to create a universal medium in which to manage printing jobs.


The look and feel is skinable using cascading stylesheets. The iconic nomanclature for the class id's are being standardized through Sanghi IT Labs.

DOM collapsable Folders

Special thanks to for the DOM collapsable folder using javascript and the Document Object Model that produces the collapsable/expandable folder feature. Also, special thanks goes to Shelley Powers for the javascript for the datapersistance functions required for the persistant folder feature.

Persistant Folders

Persistant folders are the ability for the folders to stay open after refreshing the page, or traversing the site. It's almost like the folders have a memory of what you want them to do. This feature gives the folders in the illusion of a state in a state-less environment.


Bookmarks, how many times have you created a bookmark and didn't have it because you were accessing the internet on another computer? What about sloppy or poorly organized bookmarks? It's obvious the only time one would make practical use of a bookmark is when they have access to the internet. So naturaly it makes sense to have one's bookmarks centrally located for immediate use, sharing and data consolidation.

Cellphone Interface

There are several methods that SITL interfaces with the cellphone through the mini OS: email, sms, and mini browswer which can take input directly from a cellphone, and initiate and send output directly to the cellphone via SMS which is very reliable and available on every cellphone and everyprovider.

GIS and Location Sensing

Location sensing with delivery of vector and raster data allows one to receive predictable information that is sensitive to that geographical location. For example fueling stations, resteraunts, rv parks, and other resources. SITL has made location of a cellphone user prediction very accurate and cheaply through using provider IP, or simple human intervention which can also be useful during remote assistance ("Houston we have a problem") type saituations.


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