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HHO, Browns Gas, Rhodes Gas, OxyHydrogen Gas

HHO Gas is one term to refer to the gases being produced via electrolysis. There are many other names for this gas such as Brown's gas, Rhode's gas, or oxyhydrogen. It is 100% environmentally safe.

It has many uses some of which are yet to be discovered. The absence of carbon in the combustion process means there is no soot when burning this gas. The only biproduct from the implosive combustion reaction is liquid water, H2O.

Clean Renewable Energy

This is an explaination on making renewable energy sources practical, tangible, and cost effecient. These are actual methods to make renewable energy practical produce longterm renewable energy with a post development carbon output of 0%.

Note: Currently electrolysis itself is does not produce a surplus of free energy. There have been claims that this has been acheived by Stan Meyer's Fuel Cell. However, According to the Law of Conservation of Energy producing a surplus of energy is not possible.

No carbon means that energy produced in this way doesn't contribute to global warming.

Of course predevelopment of the plastics, processing of the metals, and other materials used to create the device or build the device(s) in order to execute the method of energy production must be considered in the overall net usable energy to carbon ratio.

Note: The gas generated via electrolysis is carbonless. Provided the electricity is not generated via carbon based fuels (ie. coal/electric power plant, or gasoline from car to charge the car battery) then the carbon output from consuming the gas is null.


Electrolysis is the process of seperating H2O (water) into its constituent parts which is hydrogen and oxygen gas. It works by passing an electric current through electrodes while the electrodes are submerged in water with electrolyte. During this process the water will bubble. These small bubbles are hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. This is an extremely simple process, and can be acheived with household items in less than 5 min.

The result of electrolysis is hydrogen and oxygen gas. This two gases are very useful, and have unique properties. This gas can be used to weld aluminum, steel and other metals. Also, it can be used to melt glass or fuse any thermoplastic materials together. It can even be used to fuse materials together with very different melting points.

Electrolysis a not a way of producing energy from water. It is a method of converting energy (electricity) from one form to another (combustable hydrogen and oxygen gas). It is for this reason it is ideally suited to be used as an energy storage medium.

Long Term Energy Storage Medium

The most common electricity storage medium is a battery, while useful and many times necessary, batteries are costly to deploy, and degrades quickly over time. Storing HHO gas produced from electrolysis would drastically reduce the cost of electric energy storage. Combined with tradional renewable energy devices such as windmills, and hydro-electric power (power from waterfalls), even the most remote locations, slightest winds, dimmest days and minute waterflows can be used to automatically store little bits (or lots) of energy into a long term storage containers which can be later harvested.

HHO Gas In Your Car

HHO gas can be used to supplement petroleum based fuels (gasoline) in most cars, and an increase in fuel effeciency between %13-51 is being claimed. The majority of claims range between 25-30% enhanced gas milage performance in the HHO/gasoline hybrid vehicles.

In the typical hydrogen assisted car, the hydrogen/oxygen gas is being produced on the demand from the car's 12V battery and alternator. It is then piped directly into the intake manifold to be combusted in the cylinders. Engines that use this HHO gas supplement configuration should be ceramically treated, as well as the exhaust to prevent corossion, and/or oxidation of the metals.

Implosive combustion reaction biproduct, H2O, Water

The biproduct from the reaction is H2O. In the case of an internal combustion process, the resulting water can be recycled, and/or be bottled for biological (human) consumption, or discarded.

Note: The water resulting from consuming the stored energy in an HHO reaction is the purest water possible. This water is sometimes called new water and some people claim it has special properties.

Applications of HHO gas

HHO gas has many applications, many of which are yet to be discovered. Some of these uses include, cutting, welding, brazing, fusing, melting, cleaning, and human consumption as purified water just to name a few.

It is my understanding that unless a specialized application calls for it, HHO gas is not good for heating. This is because it will most likely vaporize the substrate.

However, this doesn't seem to be the case with calcium oxide (Lime). In the application of applying oxyhydrogen to a piece of lime the material will produce a super intense light. This super intense light was used in the theatres for illumination since the early 1800's and is called limelight.


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