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Mind/Brain technologies user guide.

Thank you for your patience as this page evolves...

This page is a hodgepodge of stuff to be edited and organized later. Much of it may not be directly related to anything else on this page.

Believe it or not, you already know how to do these things. It's a matter of accessing or tricking (more on this later) the parts of your brain to do them:
  • Drawing with realistic resemblance
  • Speed Read
  • Mathematical Computations
  • Communicate Telepathically
The paradigms used to imagine the processes of the mind are different from actual electro-chemical processes of the mind (ie hormones generate mood/motivation/thought, dendrites firing electrons, etc. etc.) To access these features of the brain one must know not only what but how to activate it. Also, one must know what functions/thoughts/modes to suppress in order to bring than function/ability/feature to conscienceness management. For all practical purposes, a trick or method only has to work (produce desired result), the physical location of the feature/ability/thought of the desired function only is of importance incase of open of skull (surgical procedure or neurobionic interfacing), or external emf/ultrasonic/etc. control.

Drawing with realistic resemblance

Read the book: Drawing on the Rightside of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards. To sum it up, it is possible and a step by step guide is found in that book. Like magic you can learn to supress your dominant analytical, symbolic and language skills and draw photo realistically. You can trace something with realistic resemblance right? Of course you can, even a baby can do it. You can see it just the same. So why should it be so hard to draw it?

Speed Read

I speculate that one can speed read at the speed of sound. Well what is the speed of sound? What is the true length of a word at the speed of sound? Why wouldn't it be at the speed of light because sound traveling through the brain would be at light speed wouldn't it? The shutter of the eye is approximatly 1/10th of second or so as popularly accepted.

Mathematical Computations

Communicate Telepathically

Frequently Answered Questions

Question: Where is the soul stored?

Answer: The human soul, or entity of conscienceness is not stored in the body. One tunes it in similarly to a radio, the music isn't in the radio, the radio simply tunes it in.

Question: What's 1 + 1?

Answer: 2 (base 10), or 10 (base 2), or 2 (base 16)

Question: What's our reason for living?

Answer: Obviously, our reason for living is genetic success. It is the same for all living species to introduce their genes into the next generation. We as humans are genetically programmed to expire after we have seeded 2 successive generations with our DNA.

Question: How can one tell if a guy/girl is fond of them?

Answer: One can infer through body langauge, one may ask, and/or one may infer through use of a thermal imaging camera to check if regions related to physical attraction are stimulated.

Question: How can I reproduce a species with webbed feet, or gills?

Answer: One can expect human offspring to develop webbed feet upon the 2nd successive generation of underwater births. I myself suspect that after several consecutive generations of underwater birthing that the was human offspring will develop gills.


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