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Neel's Perspective on his class reunion

This is Neel Sanghi's extended commentary to the Long Beach High School Class Reunion for Class of 1997. This was edited for the The reunion is now over 6-30-07, and this commentary needs to be edited and revised with post reunion commentary. This page has been re-edited on 7-31-07. I added the picture in May 2008. Since there are no rows, I tried to identify everyone from left most head to right most head in the caption on 5-15-08. If I missed you, misspelled your name, or you are one of the unknowns please contact me so I may correct it. Also, if you have more pictures from the reunion please send them to me. Also, if you are trying to get in touch with anyone in particular, it's highly possible that I may have their contact info or know how to get in touch with them and I will be glad to share it.

Pre-reunion commentary

I left public school in 1996 and received a High School Diploma from American School of Correspondence (home school) in 1997. I enrolled in some courses at the local community college (JD) off and on for a few semesters, only completing a few of the courses which proved to provide no merit, sustained benefit, or financial rewards.

I mostly concentrated on developing get rich quick plans. I have atleast one for everyday of the week. I continue to experiment with, redefine, and refine these formulas.

Being first generation in the U.S. and only ever knowing my immediate family, makes you, my classmates, the most familiar peoples I know. I have been looking forward to this milestone event for many years now. So you better come. :o).

-- Neel K. Sanghi
(228) 234-NEEL

Post Reunion Commentary

I have mixed feelings about the reunion. It was great to see the people who showed up. However after the climax of the event was over there was a low feeling. I sensed this among my classmates as well.

There were a quite a few kids I was really looking forward to seeing, and I was disappointed that they didn't show up. I waited 10 years to see some of these people. I wonder if I will ever see these people again. I would like to think those people didn't show up because they weren't sure I was going to be there, and they really would like to have seen me. If that is the case, and you are reading this. Please contact me.

There is the realization that I probably won't ever see the kids who didn't show up. Those kids probably have large families, with several cousins and uncles. So seeing familiar people from childhood is satisfied through their continued contact with these people.

The reunion has motivated me to move on and once again revamp myself.

Long Beach High School Reunion group photo for Class of 1997 From Left to Right Unknown, Kristy Nichols, Elizabeth Newcolmb Lukes, Jeff Warrick, Unknown, Sam Hurst, Susan Kieth, Brian Head, Brandy Bates-Jones, Kim Woodfield-Green, Natalie Unda, Unknown, Eve Elias, Chad Ladner, Conner Glass, Jacob Palmer, Chad Bentz (face not visible), Jeff Davis, Brent Necaise, Dana Claudill-Spears, Jennifer Laney, Neel Sanghi, Jonathan Edwards, Unknown, Bryan Pique, Jared "Bear" Allen, Ashley Nance, Cassie Saddler


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