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Materials and Application Science & Technology

Useful, affordable materials that could change your life.

This page is basically an overview of unique, useful, and experimental materials and their applications, and potential.

Heatshrinkable Dacron

For covering large surfaces or area, extremely strong and lightweight.

MR Fluid

Fluid from Lord Technologies can be controlled via an EMF (electromagentic field). Most popular applications are used in dampaning systems such as automotive suspension components, prosthetic limbs, and siesmic resistance in 'earthquake smart' sky scrapers.


H2, and O2 Gas combination. Cheap, easy to manufacture homogeneous gas mixture derived from basic electrolysis from water.


Super strong homogenius material that is a good conductor, with high tensile strength. Applications are infinite, and common. Corrodes if not preventivaly coated with a corrision resistant material. Alternatives should be sought when ever possible because of high energy consumption to process metals.

Argon Gas

Inert gas used for shielding against extreme temperatures. Also, when welding tanks that previously stored combustable fuels, it is wise to pressurize the tank with argon to prevent an explosion.


Cheap, widely available, minimum effort to aquire and process. Can be used for building, rebar, framework, drinking, storage, musical instrumentation, pole vaulting, cups, and the list goes on virtually infinitaly.


Adhesives. You have water soluble, not water soluble, and multipart. To sum it up adhesives have to either become a compound material by impregnating the material (ie construction paper with elmers glue) or 'melting' the materials and allowing them to solidify at the same time. There are many other ways to get materials to affix themselves to each other, even ways to electrostaticly bond materials to each other. Examples of adhesives that you might have accessible: tree sap, polytak (for heatshrinkable dacron), toothpaste, etc.

Plastics, thermoplastics, and thermosets

Thermoplastics are basically any substance that one can change from a liquid to a solid or vice versa by changing the temperature (hence the word thermo). These materials undergo a physical change during melting/solidifying but not a chemical change. Examples of thermoplastic solids (especially) when considering molding or mold making: chocolate, water, icecream, steel, aluminum, wax, cheese, silicon rubber, soap, glass, etc.

Thermosets these materials undergo a chemical transformation after they harden (solidify). Examples of these materials would be egg whites, and non-recyclable plastics.

Lotus leaves

Lotus petals have a unique nanotexture. This nanotexture literally makes it impossible for anything to stick to it. There is a new plastic that mimics this nanostructure and is used in a spoon called the honey spoon, even the honey doesn't adhere to spoon. This can be researched more in the book called The Gecko's Foot.


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