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Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


-- Neel K. Sanghi

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Neel K. Sanghi for United States President

Neel began his 2016 Presidential Campaign over a decade ago in 1997.

Perspectives of Reality

It's important to recognize that the Earth will not be habitable forever. The resources of the planet are vast, but not infinite. There is only enough land mass to support a finite amount of people.


It's time to stop sugar coating the issue of religion. There was a time where information to draw conclusions about the origins of our existence and an understanding of role and place in the universe was scarce, and fabricated realities were acceptable. This time has passed. The information has now long since been available for anyone to develop an accurate understanding of the origins of our existance, and our place in the universe.

Most religions sum up their information in one single book which is left up to interpretation.


Oil needs to be reserved for an extinction level event. In the case of a global catastrophe in which the sun is blocked out, we will need a source of energy to convert to food energy. The oil will continued to be harvested to power generators to produce light, maintain liquid water, and grow food.

Oil gets alot of attention when discussing

As long as the sun shines and aliquid water flows there is plenty of renewable energy to be harvested.


The environment is fragile, and needs protection. Crimes to the environment such as litering, polluting, ocean dumping, will be punished more accurately to the longterm consequential damage that it inflicts.

Global warming is real, it is part of a naturally occuring trend. We as a species are contributing to changes on the surface, and in the atmoshpere of the planet through the burning of fossil fuels.

Police, War, Military

War is not acceptable. The police should be disarmed and only after careful psychological evaluation be issued a non lethal weapon. Police are by nature violent people, and are law breakers. Judges in small towns and communities will be replaced by large group voting by the public via the internet to ensure unbiased disciplinary action.

Neel K. Sanghi for United States President


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