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  Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Mini OS

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to my website.

Check back often, as the development team continues to release the site it will be evolving rapidly. Feel free to call my cellphone (228) 234-NEEL.


-- Neel K. Sanghi

Need a website for your business or non-profit organization? I can set your website up for you from start to finish -- everything included. You simply email me the information about your organization. I, Neel K. Sanghi, will personally design, and host your site for $39.95/month. No setup costs, and you can cancel at anytime!

For $39.95/month you will receive the following. Just click on the "Subscribe" button below to get started.
  • 1-6 Page Professionally Built Website
  • Optional Free Domain Name
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  • Powerful web hosting
  • Satisfaction Garaunteed

Note: You must have or establish a PayPal account to enroll. No exceptions.

Mini How to do stuff(s) by Neel K. Sanghi

Here you will find instructions on how to do stuff like fix your car's A/C, and other stuff.

This is a new page as of 4-15-07... this is not yet a complete how to... I'll remove this when it is done...

A/C Repair

Car A/C systems are actually really simple to repair. In most basic systems you have only a few basic components: compressor, refridgerant, receiver/dryer, accumulator, expansion valve or orfice tube, codenser and evaporator.

You have two accepted refridgerants R12, and R134a for automotive A/C's in the US. This isn't to say that just about any compressed gas wouldn't work, because most any would. Some may be more hazardous and less effecient. Perhaps even the molecular size of the substitute gas may be too small to be retained by the walls of the A/C hoses designed for the original refridgerant.

Anyway, you basically check your compressor to see if engages. If yes, then find the leak through using UV dye oil/refridgerant. This will leak out anywhere there is a leak in the A/C and you can then see them with a UV light (ideally). If the/a leak is in the evaporator core than it will be invisible.


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